KBase SDK Documentation


New to KBase? See an overview of the user interface.


The KBase SDK is a set of tools for developing KBase Apps that can be dynamically registered and run on the KBase Platform. Apps are grouped into modules that include all code, dependencies, specification files, and documentation needed to register and run in the KBase Narrative interface. By using Docker combined with the KBase App Catalog, you can build and run a new “Hello World!” App in KBase in minutes.

Most often, KBase SDK apps are wrappers around existing bioinformatics tools. Some reasons to consider wrapping your own tool:

  • Make your app available to a wider user community

  • Have control over its release and information

  • Provide compute resources to the scientists using your app

  • Gain more credit and citations from a growing user community

  • Reference stats and examples of how people use your tools

To develop apps, start by obtaining a free KBase user account and applying for a KBase developer account by going to https://accounts.kbase.us/index.php?tpl=request_identity.tpl. If you are a US citizen, your account should be created within a few days. For foreign nationals, it may take several weeks (and, in a few cases, you may not be able to get a developer account). Non-US citizens will be asked for additional information in order to process their application. Once your account is approved, contact us with your username and ask to be added to the developer list.